Zord Gigs and the Upcoming New Album…
The final shows of Zord’s Peripheria 2019 club tour (album was released last November) will be performed in Miskolc and Győr. At the latter venue (Dongo Live Music Hall), the band performs as a guest of Akela.
11/22/2019 - Miskolc, Vörösmarty Center - Bands: Zord, Swanheart, Ramses (SK) - https://www.facebook.com/events/401031863913195
11/29/2019 - Győr, Dongó Live Music Hall - Bands: Akela, Zord - https://www.facebook.com/events/974011012942180
The year 2020 of Zord will open with two concerts in Partium (Romania). "Partium Thrash" gigs:
02/21/2020 - Oradea (RO), Moszkva Café
22/02/2020 - Baia Mare (RO), Shadows Rock Bar
In addition, songs of the upcoming studio album are already in progress, and the guys are about to go to the studio next summer…