Media Appearances
Currently, the "Thorns & Wounds" album of Zord is on the playing list of the German Stahl Radio. Moreover at the end of 2014 the listeners of the Internet radio could vote for the album of the thrashers from Miskolc for six weeks; and as a result the band earned the top spot five times. It is perhaps not a surprise, as the second album of Zord has been pretty well received by the international metal music media, for example:
"This Is Really A Hidden Thrash Metal Diamond!!!" (Rock Overdose – Greece)
“Thorns & Wounds’ sounds like the setlist of a cool concert.” (Lords of Metal – The Netherlands)
“…I’ll warn you now, if you heard this on the radio, you’ll be bouncing off the walls to it. ALL HAIL ZORD!!!! (Vendetta Metal Magazine - Finland)
“The result is, in its spontaneous essence, really noticeable: you must give those metalheads from East-Europe a chance that they fully deserve.” (Rock Hard Italy)
The band is already working with full force on the songs of the next album; the recording sessions of the new stuff are scheduled for the summer of 2015 at the Denevér Studio (Szolnok, Hungary). Date of release: September 2015.