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Peripheria - album reviews

"This is an interesting collection, and an impressive introduction (for me) to Zord. Now all I need to do is get to a Hungarian festival so I can see them play live!" (The Moshville Times – United Kingdom)

"Overall, this is another great piece from Zord. “Peripheria” is an improvement from their past work, but it keeps all the things they already got right." (Brutalism Magazine – The Netherlands)

"The songs are well-crafted on this album and yet they have the freshness to get through the jungle of new releases." (Way Up Rock Magazine – Germany)
"However, if you ask if there is a strong Hungarian metal album lately, then the answer is Peripheria. Even after all these years, Zord is strong, identical, just as we always loved them." (Hammerworld Magazine - Hungary)
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Thorns & Wounds
Thorns & Wounds - Front
"This Is Really A Hidden Thrash Metal Diamond!!!" (Rock Overdose; Greece)

“Thorns & Wounds’ sounds like the setlist of a cool concert.” (Lords of Metal; The Netherlands)

“…I’ll warn you now, if you heard this on the radio, you’ll be bouncing off the walls to it. ALL HAIL ZORD!!!!” (Vendetta Metal Magazine; Finland)

“…Zord is one of the spearheads of a country that is not typically spoken about in terms of Metal.” (Metal Invasion; France)

“…It’s an excellent album in all respects with an atmospheric and expressive album cover art.” (HammerWorld Magazine; Hungary)

“…The result is definitely original and especially true impression-wise.” (Rock Hard; Italy)
 Zord in Studio