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London Chicken

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Rendelés - Order

A csomag tartalma: Peripheria CD, kitűző, matrica, pengető
Ár: 2.600 Ft (2.000 Ft + 600 Ft postaköltség Magyarország területére)

Package contents: Peripheria CD, badge, sticker, pick
Price: €11 (postage included)


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Zord Is Back! Print E-mail

After an extended break due to pandemic restrictions, Zord will be back on stage on 22 October 2022 with a completely revamped set-list, song premiere and a brand new drummer! The thrash horde celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year will be performing at the Corner Stage club in Miskolc, at 9pm, together with Atomic and Lepillantóküllő. With the addition of Csaba Osztroluczki, drummer of the Balassagyarmat-based band No Future, who joined the band in the summer, Zord songs will be played with sweeping momentum and brutal tempo, including - strange as it may sound - the light-speed thrash composition "Rarity Maker", which has never been played live before.

FB event of the concert: Atomic - Zord - Lepillantóküllő
  Corner Stage - Atomic, Zord, Lepillantokullo

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