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London Chicken

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Rendelés - Order

A csomag tartalma: Peripheria CD, kitűző, matrica, pengető
Ár: 2.600 Ft (2.000 Ft + 600 Ft postaköltség Magyarország területére)

Package contents: Peripheria CD, badge, sticker, pick
Price: €11 (postage included)


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Chris - Lead vocals
Frank - drums
Lipi - bass


First Name: Krisztián

Surname: Soltész-Nagy

Nickname: Chris

Instrument: Lead vocals

Favourite song to play live: Sweet Noise

How get started in music: All at once...

Most inspirational musicians: Anthrax, Helmet, Suicidal Tendencies

Previous/other projects & bands:
(Eclipse - www.metal-archives.com)

Favorite band(s), performer(s) of today: Down

Words of wisdom or message:
Never argue with idiots! You just degenerate to their level, and will be defeated by their means…

First album purchased (or stolen?): Anthrax - Among the Living 


First Name: Róbert

Surname: Kis

Nickname: Rob

Vitals: Blue eyes, dark brown hair, 6'2"/1.88 meters tall

Instrument: Guitars, Background vocals

Favorite song to play live:
If I had a favorite one, there necessarily would be a song I don’t like to play but here is not. So I can’t really answer this question.

How get started in music:
I was just hanging around with friends and inspired each other. Fortunately we lived in the same block of flats, and this circumstance highly encouraged us to form our very first band.

Most inspirational musicians, bands:
Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin, Queen, Metallica, (Sodom)

Previous/other projects & bands:
Flegeton (www.metal-archives.com)
Frommer Baby

Active project:
La Giralda (www.lagiralda.hu)

Favorite band(s), performer(s) of today:
Metallica, Slayer, Boban Markovic, Guitar Trio

Words of wisdom or message:
Try to approve other people, and be proud of your homeland!

First album purchased (or stolen?):
Queen - Sheer Heart Attack


First Name: Attila

Surname: Csibi

Nickname: Frank

Vitals: Blue eyes; brown hair; 6'0"/1.83 meters tall

Instrument: drums

Favorite song to play live: The Ghost

How get started in music:
It all begun when I was a little child, I always beat the arm-rest of armchairs at home. My parents did not discover my talent, so I had to wait ‘til high school, when I saw a band playing in a club…, I immediately fall in love with drums. I purchased a drum kit for 4.000 HUF (about 16€ now), then practicing has begun, and got in the thick of things straightaway, joined forces with a metal band called Atomic. After three years the first Atomic album was released...

Most inspirational musicians:
Not any. I’m inspired to play the drum by the music itself, I have never paid attention to the style of a given drummer. My style and attitude were developed on a self-educated way.

Previous/other projects & bands:
Atomic (www.metal-archives.com)
Lepillantóküllő (www.metal-archives.com)

Favorite band(s), performer(s) of today:
Colorstar, Rasmus, Maroon 5

Words of wisdom or message:
We have to learn to appreciate all we’ve already acquired.

First album purchased (or stolen?):
Maggie Reilly - Echoes


First Name: András

Surname: Lipcsei

Nickname: Lipi

Instrument: bass


First Name: Dénes

Surname: Perényi

Nickname: Deni

Vitals: Green eyes, brown hair, 6'0"/1.83 meters tall

Instrument: Guitars
Favorite song to play live: Innerzoo

How get started in music:
I wanted to be a drummer but I didn’t have the chance to get a drum kit. When my elder brother bought an acoustic guitar for himself, I immediately changed my mind…

Most inspirational musicians:
Zakk Wylde (Ozzy, Black Label Society); Wolf Hoffman (Accept); Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc.)

Previous/other projects & bands:
Almighty (www.metal-archives.com)
Atomic (www.metal-archives.com)
Catheter (www.metal-archives.com)
Akela (www.akela.hu)

Favorite band(s), performer(s) of today:
Black Label Society, Remorse, Soilwork

Words of wisdom or message:
Who has stolen my Charvel guitar? I just want it back!

First album purchased (or stolen?):
AC/DC – Back in Black


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