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A csomag tartalma: Peripheria CD, kitűző, matrica, pengető
Ár: 2.600 Ft (2.000 Ft + 600 Ft postaköltség Magyarország területére)

Package contents: Peripheria CD, badge, sticker, pick
Price: €11 (postage included)


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Zord Is Back! Print E-mail

After an extended break due to pandemic restrictions, Zord will be back on stage on 22 October 2022 with a completely revamped set-list, song premiere and a brand new drummer! The thrash horde celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year will be performing at the Corner Stage club in Miskolc, at 9pm, together with Atomic and Lepillantóküllő. With the addition of Csaba Osztroluczki, drummer of the Balassagyarmat-based band No Future, who joined the band in the summer, Zord songs will be played with sweeping momentum and brutal tempo, including - strange as it may sound - the light-speed thrash composition "Rarity Maker", which has never been played live before.

FB event of the concert: Atomic - Zord - Lepillantóküllő
  Corner Stage - Atomic, Zord, Lepillantokullo

Zord Gigs and the Upcoming New Album… Print E-mail
The final shows of Zord’s Peripheria 2019 club tour (album was released last November) will be performed in Miskolc and Győr. At the latter venue (Dongo Live Music Hall), the band performs as a guest of Akela.
11/22/2019 - Miskolc, Vörösmarty Center - Bands: Zord, Swanheart, Ramses (SK) - https://www.facebook.com/events/401031863913195
11/29/2019 - Győr, Dongó Live Music Hall - Bands: Akela, Zord - https://www.facebook.com/events/974011012942180
The year 2020 of Zord will open with two concerts in Partium (Romania). "Partium Thrash" gigs:
02/21/2020 - Oradea (RO), Moszkva Café
22/02/2020 - Baia Mare (RO), Shadows Rock Bar
In addition, songs of the upcoming studio album are already in progress, and the guys are about to go to the studio next summer…
Line-up Change Print E-mail
Pepe debute - Lipi on drumsThe line-up of the band has changed slightly as Pepe Ormay joined the band as a new bass player, and at the same time Lipi switched from bass to lead guitar. However, to add another twist to the matter, Lipi played the drums at Pepe's debut gig at the Free Rock Fest in Slovakia, since Ákos was unable to take this action due to his drum technician duties at another festival venue. he line-up is as follows: Kriss - vocals; Lipi - guitars; Deni - guitars; Pepe - bass and Ákos - drums. Encouraged by positive Peripheria album reviews, interviews and radio plays from Europe and overseas, the band is determined to open up to European concert venues.
H-Mob official video Print E-mail
H-Mob official videoA 2018 novemberében megjelent harmadik, Peripheria című album „H-Mob” dalához elkészült a Zord friss klipje. Ez a tétel kooperációban született, a zenét Robi hozta, a szöveget Deni. A zenekar egyik kedvence ez a szám, ugyanis a fő téma már első hallásra megragadja a hallgatót és a refrén is elég süti. Deni elmondása szerint kimondottan élvezte a 'közösködést', már csak azért is, mert alapvetően csapatjátékosnak érzi magát. Robi szólója is abszolút illeszkedik az érzelmi főcsapásba – igazi dal a dalban –, ám érdekessége, hogy a szóló kb. utolsó harmadában teljesen ellenfázisban tolja, mint a dob, bőgő és a ritmusgitár.
A videó itt érhető el: https://youtu.be/fylKnHbmoMU
Hammered Double Compilation Album Print E-mail
Hammered double compilation albumZord have been featured on the double-compilation album HAMMERED, published in the December-January 2018 issue of the HammerWorld magazine with their brand new song entitled "H-Mob". Songs of thirty-eight Hungarian bands, released in 2018 are available on the double CD. The band has filmed the footage of the first official video clip of the Peripheria album for this song either. Editing and postproduction are ongoing; the trailer will be available in December and the official video will be released in the first days of March, 2019.
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